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The Little Potion Co | ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween Potion Kit

The Little Potion Co | ‘Trick or Treat’ Halloween Potion Kit

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Halloween is a special time where witches and wizards come together to gather with their friends, family and their magical covens. It's a time when we can all allow a little magic into our lives and when magic is at its strongest and is the perfect time for making magical potions with those close to us.

This potion play set is packed with spooky and sweet ingredients that are only available at Halloween times. Ingredients like Grave gravel and bone dust and sweet candy crush and raspberry fizzle. Will you keep your spooky and sweet ingredients separate or make a big trick or treat witches brew? It's up to you and where your imagination can take you.

POTION KIT - comes with:
* 4 x Cotton bags with ingredients
* 2 x Liquid bottles with ingredients
* 1 x Spell / recipe card with affirmation

For more information about ingredients and safety, please head to The Little Potion Co website.

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