We now offer Lay-buy!

Laybuy allows customers to spread payments over different months, perfect for Christmas or Birthday shopping! Or to break down the cost of larger items.


How do I place a Lay-Buy order?
Please select "PUT IT ON LAY-BUY" as the payment option at Checkout. You will then be transferred to the Lay-Buy page to show the contract terms, and the payment will be processed through PayPal.

How often must I make repayments?
Your payments will be separated into even monthly payments reflecting the terms you choose on the checkout page. Minimum terms: 20% deposit, up to 6 months. All payments will be automatically processed through PayPal. If a payment is missed, PayPal will rerun. If payment is still not made, your Lay-Buy will be cancelled (as per details below)

When will my Lay-Buy be dispatched?
Once the total amount has been paid off.

Can I amend my Lay-Buy order?
Individual items may not be removed or separated from a Layby. You are more than welcome to create a seperate Laybuy order with new items.

Where can I view the terms of my Lay-buy?
You can view the payment arrangement in your PayPal account.

Can I cancel my Lay-Buy?
If you unfortunately need to cancel your Laybuy, please contact us. All monies will be refunded minus the Lay-Buy Termination Fee. The Lay-Buy Termination Fee is 20% of the total Lay-Buy amount. 


If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email -