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Book | Raymond The Racoon Misses His Friends

Book | Raymond The Racoon Misses His Friends

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About the book

Recent studies show that more than 80% of Australian parents are worried about the negative effects associated with their children having too much screen time. Unfortunately, their worries are justified, as research highlights an extensive list of health and wellbeing concerns related to extended screen time usage. Some include: sleep problems, behaviour problems, learning issues, and obesity. The book “Raymond the Raccoon Misses His Friends” is created to assist teachers and parents in facilitating productive conversations around building healthy screen-time habits. It is purposefully designed using pedagogical strategies to teach children the importance of disengaging from screens.

Follow Raymond, a loveable Raccoon, on a quest through the woods as he experiences some of the harsh realities involved in a culture dominated by screen obsession. Through following Raymond’s quest, children discover that their health, wellbeing, and friendships can be greatly improved by disconnecting from screens and reengaging with the real world.


About the creators

Jesse and Julian are two young professionals who have combined their varying skillsets to create educational children’s books focussed on health and wellbeing. Their vision is to use their books, which utilise captivating illustrations and engaging narratives, as a pedagogical vehicle through which to teach children about important life concepts.

Their first completed book focusses on the current issue of screen time. However, they are also working on a series of children’s books exploring a wide range of health and wellbeing related themes, such as: mindfulness, physical health, emotional wellbeing, resilience, and other similar topics.

They are committed to improving the health and wellbeing of all Australian children, so for every book sold they will donate another book to an Australian child.

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