Raduga Grez | Cupolas Arch Stacker

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This part of the new collection has been designed with early Russian Church architecture as an influence - using the traditional cupola/dome shape and by choosing a bright white colour for the outside with a colourful interior. 

White, butter, caramel, grass, sky and sea colours have been carefully chosen to invoke a happy and natural colour palette. 


Made by hand, coated with linseed oil and water based paint. 

About the new Slavic Fairytales Collection. Everything in childhood seems magical, and this new collection is designed to bring children into a fairytale world - where a building made from blocks turns into a real castle, and toy trees transport you into a real forest thicket. This collection is dedicated to the Slavic Fairytale, and through the collection Raduga Grez want to share the Slavic world with you and your children. Not a stereotype, but real traditions, full of meaning and history.


As the creator of Raduga Grez, Inna, explains: "Creating this collection I remembered how my grandmother took me to the cathedrals, white outside and very colourful inside, and how my mother read me fairytales with beautiful illustrations, and how I went with my grandfather to the forest to pick mushrooms."

This is a bright, colourful collection for those who celebrate life and childhood, who love play, tradition and wooden toys.


Measurments 19 x 18 x 5 cm

Materials Limewood dyed using non toxic water clours

CE Certified for saftey

Suitable for ages 2 years +

Please note: Actual colours may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and individual monitor colour settings.