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MAKE.DO | Upcycled Cardboard Construction - Scru (various)

MAKE.DO | Upcycled Cardboard Construction - Scru (various)

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The Scru is the cornerstone of the Makedo system.

Top-up your Makedo with these bulk packs of Scru's. NOTE: This is not a stand-alone kit. You will need a Scru-Driver or Mini-Tool to use the Scru parts.

3 different bulk packs available

  • 180x Scru
    Able to connect up to three layers of corrugated cardboard, it can be used in most situations to quickly and firmly hold your creation together.
  • 120x Scru+
    The Scru+ is ideal in situations where you need to connect between four to six layers of corrugated cardboard. It can also be used to attach 3d printable Makedo parts such as hinges and angle brackets.
  • 160x Scru Combo (120 x Scru and 40x Scru+)
    With a mix of more reusable Scrus in your Makedo kit you can make more things, make with more complexity and collaborate with more makers.


✓ Boosts imagination and creativity
✓ Engaging for all ages
✓ Promotes collaboration
✓ Nurtures wellbeing and focus
✓ Develops fine and gross motor skills

Recommended as suitable for ages 5+.

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