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The Little Potion Co | Potion Pouch (various)

The Little Potion Co | Potion Pouch (various)

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Our little potions kits offer magical ingredients for crafting potions, with nature based ingredients and a mindfulness approach. Our potion kits create positive magical experiences and promote imaginative play, setting little potion makers on a path of natural discovery.

EASTER - Easter is a very special time. A time to spend with family and celebrate the love we have in our lives. This potion is for all the bunny believers that want to add a little bit of extra magic to their Easter holiday.  Watch the potion fizz and sparkle whilst it helps keep the sense of wonder alive in our children.

HEART OF AN ADVENTURER - A Potion to conquer nerves when starting a new adventure. As with changes of the season, there will always be changes in your life. Going on holidays, starting school or a new school, moving house or starting in a new sporting team. You may be scared but it can also be an exciting time. Use this potion in times you are feeling a little nervous and need some superpowers to enter the world of unknown. 

SHIELD PROTECT ME - A potion to help protect your heart and mind. Whether you are seeking to protect your heart or mind from negative thoughts and bad energy or to create a force field around you, protection spells can be very helpful for young minds. This shield protect me spell, can help ward off unpleasant people, banish bad energy and defend your personal environment. Use this Potion for anytime you need to create a protective barrier around you. 

CHRISTMAS - This fun and cheerful potion making kit is for those wanting to create their own magical tradition this Christmas. Our Christmas Wishes potion card is a way to give gratitude and thanks for the year past and make some wishes for the year ahead. Our Call the Reindeer potion will ensure Santa and his reindeer find you wherever you are. Watch the potion fizz and sparkle as the joy and excitement of Christmas morning sparks true magic in our hearts and minds.  

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