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MAKE.DO | Upcycled Cardboard Construction - Tools (various)

MAKE.DO | Upcycled Cardboard Construction - Tools (various)

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4 different tools available

  • Mini-Tool (12 pack)
    Each Mini-Tool replicates the function of a Scru-Driver to punch and screw. Suited to group projects with many hands.
    NOTE: This is not a stand-alone kit. You will need Scru and/or Scru+ parts to connect cardboard. 
  • Scru-Driver
    Simply punch a hole through the material, insert the Scru or Scru+ into the socket on the end of the Scru-Driver, and then with a few quick turns the cardboard will be securely joined.
  • Fold-Roller
    The Fold-Roller enables precise, controlled manipulation of cardboard. From simple linear folds to complex organic contours, discover your inner artist with this advanced cardboard construction tool.
  • Safe-Saw

    Steel blade with no sharp edges to swiftly saw cardboard, not fingers. Best of all, the cut edge of the cardboard is softened to eliminate those pesky cardboard paper cuts. We don’t call it the Safe-Saw for nothing!

✓ Boosts imagination and creativity
✓ Engaging for all ages
✓ Promotes collaboration
✓ Nurtures wellbeing and focus
✓ Develops fine and gross motor skills

Recommended as suitable for ages 5+.

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