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Glo Pals | Cube - Pippa (Green)

Glo Pals | Cube - Pippa (Green)

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It’s me - Pippa! My friends sometimes call me “pipsqueak,” because I am the smallest of my pals, but I know that great things come in small packages. My glasses help me to see small things like words in a book — my very favorite thing! Well, my second favorite thing…right after playing with you!

Pippa's Favourite Things: Reading books, problem solving, all animals


Meet the Glo Pals, water-activated light-up sensory toys for the bath. Our Pals and bath light cubes will transform your tub into a new kind of adventure.

Perfect for sensory play, water play and bath time! Put them in water and watch them light up. Then shake them off, dry and place on side.  Each pack comes with 4 light-up cubes. 

What you need to know:

- Water activated light up cubes
Comes in a 4 pack of cubes
- Put them in water and watch them light up! Turns off when dry (shake off, dry and place on side)
- Perfect for sensory play, water play and bath time
- Each cube lasts a minimum of 16 lighted hours (not including when dry) and around 30 days on average. 
- Batteries are not replaceable (for safety reasons) but the pals are recyclable.

Pack Dimensions: 18 x 15 x 5cm. Individual Cube: 3 x 3 x 2cm

Suitable for ages 3+

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