Raduga Grez | Sand Stacking Tower

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A classical stacking tower in beige colors.


Sand shades remind of a day spent on the seashore. Have you ever had a close look at the grains of sand? They consist of countless different shades which together make a perfect harmony of color. 


How to play


  • string the discs on a twine or a ribbon

  • build figures on a flat surface, for example a caterpillar or a snowman

  • roll discs down the inclined surface 

  • assemble a pyramid in a top-down or a random way


Includes : 7 wooden discs, 1 base
Size : 16 x 12 cm

Materials Limewood dyed using non toxic water clours

CE Certified for saftey

Suitable for ages 2 years +

Please note: Actual colours may vary a little from pictures. It depends on unique wood features and individual monitor colour settings.