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BBcino | Dino-Mite (120ml)

BBcino | Dino-Mite (120ml)

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Our Dino-Mite reusable babycino cup was made with our destructive little babes in mind. Our wild, free and spirited little ones. Cheers to the chaos creators and tiny little dictators. 

May your parents' coffee be as strong as your personality!

BBcino was inspired by a baby boy’s love for babycinos and his mamma’s hate for single-use disposable cups.  BBcino believes that small changes make big differences and that the solution is less pollution. 
BBcino cups are lightweight, durable and most importantly, made from sustainable bamboo, making them biodegradable.  They will take approximately one to two years to break down in soil, whereas disposable coffee cups can take more than 50 years to break down.  The bands, lids and straws are made from silicone, which is BPA and PVC free and recyclable.

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