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    Children can immerse themselves into creative and interactive social play with this adorable 30 piece train set. This set is a standard track width and compatible with other train sets.

    Key features of this set are:

    • An engine and 3 carriages holding 27 small logs of various colours
    • A logging truck carrying 9 long timbers with magnetic spots
    • A loader vehicle that can magnetically pick up the logs and load up the truck
    • A log pile to hold the logs with a sleeping bear
    • A lake with 2 magnetized boulders and a big bear
    • 3 big fir trees that will block the track unless they are rotated out of the way
    • 4 cut timber logs
    • A tree nursery with 6 trees in various stages of growth.


    Suitable for ages: 3 + years

    Tender Leaf | Wild Pines Train Set