• In the childhood mushroom hunt in the forest seems a huge event. We get up early, put on rubber boots a couple of sizes bigger, go to the forest, drink tea from a thermos and eat sandwiches.  After that, the home smells mushrooms and we peel and cut them and tell each other fairy tales. And it’s not a big deal that small mushroom hunters won’t eat a piece of a mushroom stew or a pie afterwards… These memories become a part of our history.  


    Wooden mushrooms will remind you of those days and will become good scenery for role-plays.


    Put them in the secret corners all over the room, give your children baskets or a linen bag and send them to pick up mushrooms. And if you turn a mushroom upside down it’ll become a spinner!


    How to play


    • turn a mushroom upside down and spin it

    • learn about the names of different mushrooms 

    • tie mushrooms together with a thread and make a necklace

    • decorate mushrooms’ caps: attach a feather, make a wreath from blades of grass, stick play-doh balls around

    • build a tower from mushrooms

    Raduga Grez | Mushrooms

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